Where the Future Takes Shape

Big Idea

Alcoa, an aluminum company with a 125 year history of engineering innovation, was launching Arconic, a new brand in order to house its most advanced work. 

Our brief was to launch Arconic, and working with its brand promise of 'breakthrough products that transform industries', we arrived at the big idea — 
‘Where the Future Takes Shape.’

We created a digitally-driven campaign that tapped into 'The Jetsons' – one of pop-culture's favorite reference points for the future. We set about remaking the iconic title sequence in live action with Star Trek Beyond director, Justin Lin and created a brain trust of leading futurists and Arconic engineers to consider what 2062 – the year The Jetsons is set – would really be like. 

The World of the Jetsons, Reimagined / 60
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Jetsons / Teaser
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Jetsons / Behind the Scenes
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The future of...

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Arconic / The Future of Automotive
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Arconic / The Future of Aviation
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Arconic / The Future of Cityscapes
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Arconic / The Future of Space
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Virtual Reality / 3D

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